Feedback Loop

Research Facilities takes your suggestions and concerns very seriously. Please take a moment to fill out this anonymous feedback form below to have your voice heard and be part of the conversation. Please also view the archive below for previous submissions.

*Please note that this is an anonymous feedback form. If you have any issues that require immediate assistance, please contact Research Facilities directly. 

Previous Suggestions and Feedback

Did you know that you can make an online engineering request for ventilation, plumbing, lighting, carpentry, electrical and other physical plant issues? You may find the engineering request on the SMH intranet under Engineering.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accommodate back-up incubator(s). However, if any laboratories have uncontaminated irreplaceable samples at risk please contact a core specialist and we will do our best to help you find a solution.

Please also be aware that our Biosafety Officer, runs a course on tissue culture and contamination prevention including considerations for mycobacterium contamination. If you are interested please contact the Biosafety Officer or visit our upcoming events page.

Some pieces of core equipment already have a maximum time limit for booking (e.g. Zeiss LSM700). We will review the bookings to determine whether other more equipment should have a similar time limit.

While technical difficulties are at times unavoidable, this does not give rights to use a piece of equipment already booked by someone else. If you experience these issues, we encourage you to speak to a core specialist who would be happy to find a solution. As a reminder, please read the header on the booking website for any equipment notifications.

A replacement microwave has been added to the space. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We agree! The LKSKI has seen better days. It is looking tired and there are a number of issues throughout the building that need attention. A LKSKI Revitalization Plan is being developed (contingent on funding) and includes repair/replacement of the common area furniture.

Working with housekeeping and our waste hauler, we have been taking part in a pilot project in 3 locations to see if this is possible. With the success we have seen throughout the pilot project, we will now be launching our compost campaign throughout the Li Ka Shing building starting in early December (2017).

For basic equipment the manuals can be found here. For complex instruments specialty training is required and is often experiment-specific and not amenable to creating SOPs. Please contact the RCF Specialist for individual training. Similarly, experimental protocols can be found throughout the Core Facility pages.

Later this summer, there will be an audit of the meeting rooms. Chairs that have been moved out of the meeting rooms will be retrieved and missing/broken furniture and waste bins will be replaced. 

We are happy to announce that we have recently been awarded a CFI grant and will be purchasing a slide scanner sometime in 2018. Please click here for more information.

The Vivarium currently has the Dataquest ART telemetry system which can be used to measure blood pressure and heart rate in mice and rats.  If measuring tissue oxygenation is important to you please contact the Vivarium.

A list of all of the equipment available in Vivarium can be found on the RFBMS website.

Please send your request to the research faciltities e-mail or the appropriate RCF Specialist.

Like other institutions, our training is unique to our specific work environment. Our policies and procedures must be followed, so indicated mandatory training courses (biosafety, cell culture, cryogenics, etc.,) are required to all new trainees and staff at the KRCBS.


For access to 193 Yonge Street or after-hours access to 250 Yonge Street, please have your Supervisor send the request to the Research Facilities Project Coordinator. Please ensure that the request includes your name, Unity Health email address and your phone number (for 193 Yonge Street, please also specify which floor you will need access to). Once received, the Project Coordinator will assist you with the building-specific access process.