Interventional Psychiatry Clinical Program

Location: Unity Health – St. Michael’s Hospital,

Mental Health Clinic

Phone: 416-864-2755
Fax: 416-864-5480

Hours: clinic hours vary


The Interventional Psychiatry Program at St. Michael’s Hospital specializes in the treatment of mood and co-morbid disorders. We offer novel interventional and psychopharmacological treatments for major depressive disorder and other psychiatric disorders where previous treatments have been unsuccessful. Some of these treatments include intravenous ketamine, repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy, and other emerging anesthetic and neurostimulation modalities.

We are also conducting a number of research studies with a goal of improving the way that mood disorders are diagnosed and treated using novel interventions and digital platforms.

Current and upcoming programs


To access the St. Michael’s Mental Health Interventional Psychiatry program, a referral form must be completed by a family physician and faxed to 416-864-5480.

Interventional Program Referral Form

Information for referring providers:

  • A physician or nurse practitioner referral is required (self-referral is not accepted)
  • It is preferred that the referral comes from the treating psychiatrist or physician
  • The referring physician must accept care after patient has completed time-limited treatments offered within the Interventional Psychiatry Program
  • This program is not catchment specific
  • This referral form is for the Interventional Psychiatry Program only – for all other referrals, please use the general St. Michael’s referral form for Ambulatory Mental Health and Addictions Services