Neurosurgery and Trauma

Beyond our commitment to patient care, we are dedicated to conducting extensive clinical research to the treatment of traumatic brain injury and stroke.

Theme Lead

Andrew J. Baker

Neurotrauma research at St. Michael’s includes advancing the science and implementation of strategies that address the prevention and reduction of the biological deficit arising from trauma, and the resilience, recovery and rehabilitation after injury. Injury prevention research is a highlight of this centre with national leadership in several strategies, which include innovative educational and youth-oriented projects. We conduct both clinical and laboratory supported research projects aimed at reducing the biological consequences of neurotrauma. Laboratory models range from cultured cells to whole animal work, and include electrophysiology, histopathology, biochemistry and behavior methodologies. Recovery, resilience and rehabilitation research involves both laboratory supported models and innovative clinical projects such as technology-based approaches to the treatment of mental illness following traumatic brain injury.

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