Suicide and Depression

Scientists with the Arthur Sommer Rotenberg Chair in Suicide and Depression Studies are innovators in facilitating research and clinical initiatives, leading to a greater understanding of the causes and prevention of suicide.

For a full listing of our national research teams, please visit the CAN-BIND site or the ASR site. and

Theme Lead

Sidney Kennedy

The program has diverse research surrounding suicide risk and prevention. Through clinical research, scientists with the program are currently investigating neuroimaging or molecular biomarkers of suicide risk versus suicidal ideation, links between traumatic brain injury and suicide risk, and neuroimaging of reward circuitry and the relationship to suicide risk. Scientists are also involved in intervention projects including psychosocial/psychoeducational interventions (P.I.S.A.), interventions for presentations to the emergency department, and m-Health interventions.

Discover our Researchers

Research Staff

Sakina Rizvi

Susan Rotzinger

Claudio Soares

Shane McInerney

Yvonne Bergmans

Jane Foster

Areas of research St. Michael’s scientists are investigating include:

  • Neuroimaging and molecular biomarkers of suicide risk
  • Suicide risk, Pain, and Reward Circuitry
  • Suicide Risk and Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Psychosocial/psychoeducational intervention for persons with Recurrent Suicide Attempts (P.I.S.A.)
  • Presentations of Self-Injurious Behaviour to the Emergency Department
  • International Neurobiological Suicide Network (INSuN)
  • Intervention projects – mHealth Intervention for intentional self-harm