Applied Clinical Research

The Neuroscience Research Program has the support of several hospital resources for the development, implementation, and execution of patient-based research. Most notable is the Trauma and Neurosurgery Program Clinical Research Office. Established in 2004, the Trauma and Neurosurgery Program Clinical Research Office plays a supporting role to neuroscience investigators by assisting with administrative, regulatory and data management issues of clinical trials. The office has successfully co-ordinated 18 industry sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical trials and over 40 observational studies. These studies have involved patients from various units including the Trauma-Neuro Intensive Care Unit, trauma neurosurgery inpatient unit, neurovascular clinic, stroke unit and outpatient head injury clinic.

In addition, the Neuroscience Research Program works closely with the Hub Health Research Solutions of St. Michael’s Hospital. Through the HUB’s main clinical service areas, it provides innovative research solutions for clinical research coordination. For more information about the AHRC and services the HUB provides click here.