2022 RTC Graduate Top-Up Award for Graduate Students – Master or PhD

A) About

The Research Training Centre is pleased to offer a limited number of top-up awards to support graduate students at the LKSKI and KRCBS. The aim of these awards is to top up stipends for graduate students registered with the Research Training Centre (RTC) in order to help them to perform research and obtain a degree through their work. The successful applicant will receive a one-time Top-Up Award of $2000. We also encourage applicants to seek external funding.

B) Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program at a verified university.
  • Applicants must be registered with the RTC.
  • Applicants must be a graduate student based at St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto (UHT), and must have a supervisor whose primary affiliation (appointment) is with LKSKI/KRCBS. 
  • Graduate students must have at least 3 months of graduate work completed prior to applying for this award. 
  • Attendance and participation at RTC events will be favored during the evaluation process. 
  • This is a one-time award. Trainees who have received the Top Up Award in prior years are not eligible.
  • The trainee’s stipend must at least be in part paid through UHT payroll from an SMH account. 
  • Note: We welcome applications from trainees who are not on SMH payroll if they are beyond their funding limits through their university (>5 years into their program). If this applies to you please describe your situation (up to 10 lines) in your application email.
  • This award is subject to the Top Up limits of your department. Please review your departmental guidelines – if you have already received >$2000 top up on your stipend or are receiving a Tri-Agency award, you will not be eligible.

C) Awards

This award of $2000 will be used as a top-up to your annual stipend. Please note: the RTC Top Up Award is subject to the stipend top up limits of your department. It is your responsibility to review the stipend guidelines for your department.

D) How to Apply

Please create a PDF copy of your application containing all the required parts listed in the table below and email this to the RTC Coordinator, rtc@smh.ca. The subject of your email and the file name should be as follows: RTC-TopUpAward – First Name, Last Name. Please cc your PI/supervisor on your application email. The RTC will confirm receipt of your application. If you have any questions regarding your application or eligibility, please email the RTC Coordinator at rtc@smh.ca

Table 1: Summary of Required Forms for the 2022 St. Michael’s Hospital RTC Top-up Award. Links to the necessary forms are available below.



RTC Scholarship Application Form This form should be the first page of the application. It will be used for the identification of the applicant.
RTC Scholarship Checklist Please ensure all the documents listed on this checklist are included in your application. Please submit this form with your application. You will receive a confirmation email from the RTC that we have received your application.

Proof of enrolment

e.g. proof of enrolment letter, offer of admission, tuition payment receipt, or proof of course registration.

CIHR Common CV (Academic Format)

Please use the Canadian Common CV. After logging in, select ‘CIHR’ for funding source, and then select the ‘Academic’ CCV option.
The Academic CCV will cover the last five years. If you have publications that are older please attach an additional page, appropriately labeled, to list these. Make sure you list all your publications including submitted papers (for submitted manuscripts please indicate journal name, date of submission and MS number).  You may list papers in preparation. Indicate predicted submission date and the journal it will be submitted to.
Submitting CV: after finalizing, choose “submit” within the online program. This will save a version of your CV. Go to ‘History’ and download a PDF of the CV and attach to this application. You must hit submit or it will only appear as a ‘draft’ version. You must send us the CCV as a full ‘submitted’ version (the submitted version has a CCV confirmation number listed at the top). 

Project Summary

All trainees must submit a one-page summary of their project.  The summary must describe the research plan, including a short background, rationale, questions, hypothesis (if applicable), methodology, progress to date and significance of the project. The summary should not contain figures. 
Supervisor’s Form  Current supervisor of the trainee (LKSKI/KRC scientist) is to complete the supervisor form to indicate acceptance of the conditions of the funding. This form should be emailed from the supervisor directly to the rtc@smh.ca. Please indicate in the subject of the email the name of the applicant.  

E) Format

For all attached free-form documents, use 12-point Times New Roman font and a 2 cm (0.8”) margin all around. The header should contain the applicant’s name and the section title (e.g. Project Summary).

F) Additional Requirements for Successful Applicants

The award recipients are expected to attend the RTC trainee seminars and to present their research at the RTC seminar series and at the RTC Research Day (in the form of an oral or poster presentation); recipients are encouraged to be active in LKSKI/KRCBS trainee life and regularly participate in events organized by the RTC and the SRSA.

G) Important Dates

February 25, 2022 Scholarship application deadline

March 2022 Applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee

April 2022 Applicants will be notified of the reviewers’ decision through email

End of April 2022 Scholarship winners will be notified when award payments are issued


If you have any questions regarding your application or eligibility, please email the RTC Coordinator at rtc@smh.ca.


The RTC scholarship is intended to be used for your salary and cannot be used for research work (i.e. taking courses, travel, etc.)

Your work/research at St. Michael’s Hospital must be used to satisfy the requirements of your graduate program at a recognized academic institution and under the supervision of a St. Michael’s Hospital supervisor.

St. Michael's Hospital RTC Top-Up Award Winners & Honourable Mentions

Congratulations to the Recipients

Ella Adi-Wauran | Curtis D’Hollander | Jennifer Jairam | Chloe Mighton | Saisujani Rasiah | Salma Shickh | Jason Lo Hog Tian | Eric Cerenzia | Tse Wing (Winnie) Ho | Omar Kanny | Danielle Karakas | Seung Hyun (Victoria) Ki|


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