RTC Trainee Research Day

The goal of Research Day is to showcase our talented trainees. This day also provides the research community a chance to celebrate the outstanding science produced at St. Michael’s. The day will consist of guest speakers, oral and poster presentations by trainees, followed by an award ceremony and reception. There are opportunities to network over lunch and throughout the day. Cash and travel award prizes will be provided for the best oral and poster presentations.  

Important dates

To view abstracts and photos from previous competitions, please click on any of the following:

How to Earn Credits

You will be able to earn credits for presenting and/or attending seminars/events. In order to earn credits for attending, you must be present for the entire event. To be eligible to apply for an RTC travel award or receive additional points on your RTC Scholarship application you must earn at least 5 credits during the academic year. 0.5 credit = 0.5 credit for facilitating a seminar 1 credit = 1 credit for seminar attendance or presenting at a seminar 1 credit = Participation in the  Trainee Research Day 1 credit = Attendance in the  Trainee Research Day Period to collect credits: 1 year (September 2020 – June 2021) for Spring 2021 academic year competitions.

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