Each month, SRSA nominates members of our team to be recognized for their exceptional work. On this page we will feature the winners of each month so that you can learn more about them and their role on SRSA!

SRSA Star – April

Natalka Parzei


My name is Natalka Parzei and I will be the SRSA treasurer for the year. I am in my second year of a Master’s degree through the Institute of Medical Science. My research focuses on the influence of the preBötzinger Complex on respiration.

1. If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

Fluency in sign language

2. What fictional character would you be best friends with in real life?

Jake Peralta from Brooklyn 99

3. What’s one song you have completely memorized?

Almost anything from the Hamilton soundtrack


March – Christopher Zhang and Kayla Schumacker (Directors of Community Outreach)

February – Farbod Khorrami and Jason Lo Hog Tian (Directors of Academics)

January – Omar Kanny (Director of Student Equity)

December – Priyal Shah and Avinash Mukkala (Directors of Student Life)

November – Andreea Furdui & Victoria Ki (Directors of Communications)