eTIBS – Essential Techniques in Biomedical Science

Research Facilities offers a number of courses and educational seminars to provide our researchers with the opportunity to expand their skill sets and knowledge. eTIBS is aimed at educating research staff about the emergence of new technologies, and solidifying basic research techniques and procedures.

eTIBS includes:

  • Core Clinics
  • Current Emerging Technologies

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Core Clinics

Core Clinics are brief training sessions aimed at providing hands on training and/or in-depth theory of current “wet bench” research techniques and approaches. These workshops take place in one of the lab spaces or conference rooms. In particular, these sessions may center around usage of equipment in the core labs, analysis methodology, common experimental protocols in cellular and molecular biology, experimental design etc. all taught by those with expertise that may not be accessible in your lab. These sessions are taught as in-depth, hands-on training sessions or theoretical classroom sessions.

Current and Emerging Technologies (CETS)

The Current and Emerging Technologies Series (CETS) is a seminar series that uses the core facilities resources to promote effective use of the Research Core Facilities. We hope these talks will educate research staff about the emergence of new technologies, both in-house and externally, thereby raising the quality of science performed at the Keenan Research Centre for Biological Sciences.