Leica AS LMD Laser microdisection system

Leica upright microscope has motorized objective nosepiece, specimen movement (xy), and focusing (z).

Nitrogen laser has a wavelength of 337nm, a pulse repeat rate up to 30Hz and motorized optical beam scanning and setting of the illumination aperture

Software controls all the motorized microscope functions and laser movements. The smallest cutting area with the 100x objective has a diameter of 4-5µm and an accuracy of +/- 0.6µm

  Lenses Filters
objective type mag N.A. W.D.mm   type Ex Em
N Plan Ph1 10 0.25 5.8 513847 UV 470 LP
N Plan Ph1 correc 20 .040 3.2-1.9 513812 470 515 LP
N Plan Ph2 correc 40 0.55 3.3-1.9 513805 540 590 LP