Leica TCS SL Confocal microscope

Inverted DM IRE2 motorized microscope. Fiber optic coupled transmitted light imaging capability, phase and DIC optics.

3-channel, alignment free AOTF confocal scan head in the range of 400-800 nm. Capable of multidimensional series acquisition, sequential scan in stack, frame and line modes.

Software includes excitation within preselected ROI’s, spectral unmixing, lambda scan, FRAP, FRET, FLIP wizards, colocalization analysis.

Temperature controlled chamber including heating insert for Petri dishes, temperature control unit

Lenses Lasers
objective type Mag N.A. W.D. type wavelength power
Pl Fluotar Ph1 10 0.30 11mm Argon 458 5mW
Pl Fluotar Ph2 20 0.50 1.27mm 476 5mW
Plan Apo Corr 40 0.85 488 20mW
Plan Apo CS 20 0.70 .59mm 514 20mW
Plan Apo Oil CS 63 1.40 .10mm HeNe 543 1.2mW
HeNe 633 10mW