Zeiss AxioObserver inverted microscope for live cell imaging

Fully motorized microscope with remote controlled LCD touch screen. Motorized XY stage and a piezo z-motor. During long-term recordings, Definite focus keeps objects in focus.

Includes structured illumination module, the ApoTome for deblurring optical sections of fluorescent samples.

Incubation stage inserts for all types of dishes, humidified air, controller for variable CO2 levels and O2 levels for hypoxia experiments. Highly sensitive Hamamatsu Orca R2 CCD camera and an AxioCam colour camera. A wide selection of standard filter cubes and a fast acquisition Colibri LED- based module with microsecond switching speeds.

Lenses Filters
objective type mag N.A. W.D. DAPI
Plan NeoFluar 5 0.13 15.8mm CFP
Plan Apochromat Ph1 10 0.30 5.2mm GFP
Plan Apochromat Ph2 20 0.80 .55mm YFP
Plan NeoFluar W 25 0.80 Cy3
Plan NeoFluar DIC 40 0.60 3.3mm Cy5
Plan Apochromat Oil 40 1.40 .28mm Cy7
Plan Apochromat Oil 63 1.40 mCherry
Plan Apochromat Oil 100 1.40 .17mm QDots