Toronto Metropolitan University Partnership

Toronto Metropolitan University and St. Michael’s Hospital have launched a 20-year partnership to create a virtual entity known as iBEST (the Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Science Technology). iBEST brings together Toronto Metropolitan University Engineering and Physics with St. Michael’s Biomedical Research, for a focus on imaging and other technologies that can be used in biomedical research.

A key part of this initiative was the creation of a home for iBEST in the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Science. Toronto Metropolitan University faculty, whose active research involves health care, work side-by-side with the St. Michael’s scientists on transformational and translation collaborations that improve our ability to treat patients.

The space includes a 2,000-square-foot “incubator” and specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative biomechanical products to care for and treat patients, similar to Toronto Metropolitan University’s hugely successful Digital Media Zone.

iBEST has its foundation in Toronto Metropolitan University’s long-standing connections with St. Michael’s, which include internships and other educational opportunities for about 215 nursing, psychology, clinical dietetics, interior design and midwifery students each year.