Congratulations to our wonderful Collaborative Program in Resuscitation Science Coordinator, Andrea Meeson, for winning this year’s Eileen Award!

These individals have made an exceptional contiribution to Rescu. They have helped make this program a success through their tenacity and a conscientious approach to their work.

Andrea is an incredible team member who willingly helps with anything she is asked to do. She makes a significant contribution to Rescu in terms of support for our graduate students, investigators and collaborators. She is constantly looking for ways to improve the CPRS and Rescu, and her leadership of the CPRS program has made it what it is today.


Previous Winners:

2010 – Mohammad Qovaizi

2011 – David Falconer

2012 – Cathy Zhan

2013 – Marisa Reynen

2013 – Emma Gattoni

2016 – Andrea Meeson