Undergraduate & Medical Students

Research at St. Michael’s Hospital provides hands-on training opportunities for undergraduate students, including:

Co-op Student Program

St. Michael’s provides opportunities for undergraduate students already registered in a University Co-op Program.  Co-op students may be paid or unpaid depending on the requirements of the University Co-op Program and the research supervisor’s funding.

How Do I Apply?

Find a potential research supervisor through the Researcher  or Research Programs sections of our website. 

Contact the selected researcher directly and discuss the potential training opportunity.

If the researcher agrees to be your supervisor and you decide to work together, your supervisor will contact the Office of Research Administration at St. Michael’s Hospital to initiate the application process.

Forms and Instructions are at this link.

I have secured a research student training opportunity at St. Michael’s Hospital.  Now what? 

Keenan Research Summer Student Program

The Keenan Research Summer Student Program provides opportunities for undergraduate and medical students to conduct research in a laboratory and/or clinical setting at St. Michael’s under the supervision of a principal investigator (scientist and/or MD.) Students are also involved in educational programming such as seminars, networking activities and a poster competition.

Who is eligible to apply for the Keenan Research Summer Student Program?
  • Students who are in a full-time undergraduate degree program at time of application
  • Students in medical school full-time 
  • High school graduates who are enrolled in a relevant undergraduate program for the fall (proof of enrollment is required)

For more information, go to the Keenan Research Summer Student Program page.