rescu logo comp 1

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Submission 1a & 1b “Research in Prehospital Medicine”

The caduceous is a common symbol in prehospital medicine and the magnifying glass is a common symbol in research.


Submission 2

The arrow represents advancement with the Star of Life in front with a small Canadian leaf. The pin would be gold, blue, silver and red, accordingly.

rescu pin 2


Submission 3

The back of the pin can have “For Advancement in Prehospital Research”

Rescu pin 3

Submission 4a & 4b

Pin 4a shows the Star of Life with the Rod of Asclepius, a universal symbol of paramedicine. On top, sits a similar universal symbol of higher education, the graduation cap. Together these represent academic endeavour in paramedicine

Pin 4b illustrates the same concept using a scholar’s scroll instead of the graduation cap. It gives a sense of history in synchrony with the Rod of Asclepius


Submission 5

Rescu pin 5


Submission 6a & 6b

The ROC logo and the Star of Life are incorporated into this design to represent the partnership with prehosptial services. This image respects the co-operative nature of research as it moves forward into the future.


Submission 7

Research cannot happen without searching for and finding the right people to do it

A magnifying glass in the centre zooms in on one person from a crowd. This individual is positioned behind the paramedic Star of Life. This design shows appreciation towards people who do science and participate in research. Medics who go the extra mile, are rewarded with the star – alluded to by the Star of Life in the background.

Rescu pin 7