Eight scientists and clinicians

November is Research Month at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Research transforms care. The research taking place in St. Michael’s labs, clinics and the community today will contribute to better outcomes for our patients tomorrow. This photo album featuring of some of our researchers may give you a sense of the breadth of research taking place at the hospital.

St. Michael’s has dedicated a month to celebrating science across St. Michael’s Hospital. The tagline is “Our research changes lives.” And “our” means ALL of us.

There are a number of unique rounds, lectureships, workshops and networking opportunities taking place throughout the month. Click here for a full calendar of events taking place throughout the month. Pick up your Research Month passport as well and join us for as many of these events as you can.

Scientists, health-care professionals, administrative staff, patients, volunteers and many others make St. Michael’s the academic hospital that it is. The research taking place in the labs and clinics today will contribute to better outcomes for our patients tomorrow.

St. Michael’s and our patients live research every day, let’s all celebrate it this November and thank all of those who contribute to research and help improve the health of our patients and our community.