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For a complete list of this our seminars please see our seminar page.

The RTC hosts our Essentials in Research Workshop Series annually for experimental and clinical research trainees. A list of past workshops can be found below. If you are interested in leading or attending a specific workshop topic, please contact rtc@smh.ca

Essentials in Experimental Research 2021-2022

How to Design A Research Project and Fundamental Experimental Design – October 5, 2021
Join KRC scientist and RTC co-director Dr. Katalin Szaszi for a discussion on practical aspects of project design such as developing a research question; generating a hypothesis and formulating specific objectives/aims. Understanding these fundamental aspects of the research process will also aid trainees in writing reports, manuscripts and thesis and presenting at committee meetings. This presentation is open to SMH wet and dry bench trainees at all levels.

How to Present Your Data – October 18, 2021
Join Dr. Kelsie Thu for a workshop on how to effectively present your data. Dr. Thu will lead a workshop on how to present your experimental data. This will be followed with a discussion on how to effectively ask and answer questions. This session is open to all wet and dry bench SMH trainees.

Essentials in Experimental Design (Part II) – November 1, 2021
Do you know how to design efficient experiments to get answers? Do you know what it takes to do a conclusive experiment? If you are uncertain of the answer to any of these questions, or just need a refresher, this session is for you. Join KRC scientist and RTC co-director Dr. Katalin Szaszi and PhD candidate Michelle Dubinsky for a presentation on the fundamental aspects of designing your experiments. This session is open to trainees of all levels and will focus on wet bench experiments.

Preparing for Publication: How to Document Your Experiments and Organize Your Data – January 26, 2022
Transparency of data and reproducibility of experiments are crucial professional requirements for rigorous research studies. Generation of detailed records of procedures and protocols is also key for project planning. Recognizing the need for standardized reporting to maintain reproducibility, many journals are now using the Structured, Transparent, Accessible Reporting (STAR) approach. Thus, these professional standards for data reporting are crucial, yet they are often overlooked when discussing fundamentals of project planning. This interactive workshop will aim at filling this important gap by discussing requirements for record keeping, data reporting and the STAR system. We will also provide tips on how to ensure proper documentation of experimental details, and how to store and organize your data, key steps in project design and preparation for future publications.

Essentials in Clinical Research 2021-2022

UHT Library Orientation – September 28, 2021
Welcome to the library! Join library staff to learn about how Unity Health Toronto’s Library Services can support you! This session will overview, Library workshops, resources, support and tools, and how to navigate the Library website.

Introduction to Literature Reviews – October 21, 2021
This custom online workshop will provide a high-level overview of different types of reviews (systematic, scoping, rapid, etc.) and the methodologies and guidelines associated with each. It will also connect you with tools and key resources available through the Library and elsewhere online. The workshop will be approximately 45 minutes, concluding with a 15-minute question and answer period. Led by the UHT Library.

Submitting an Application for REB Review at Unity Health – December 6, 2021
Join Research Ethics Coordinator Desta Ramlackhansingh for a workshop on determining when a study needs to be submitted to the Unity Health REB and tips for assembling an application for REB review. We will address the most common concerns and provide guidance for preparing your application.



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