The following contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions the RTC receives. The information is predominantly for new trainees at St. Michael’s Hospital who have a supervisor and have submitted the necessary paperwork to the Office of Research Administration.

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To get involved in research at St. Michael’s Hospital, investigate the areas of research which suit your interests and contact the principal investigator(s) directly. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the principal investigator’s research and explain why you are interested in working with them as well as your qualifications in an email. Additionally, you may want to include your CV and transcript as an attachment. You can find more information on our research programs along with a list of principal investigators in the Our Researchers section of our website

A research trainee is any individual working at St. Michael’s Hospital as a Graduate Student, or a Research Fellow. This includes:

1) Any individual pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree.

2) A research fellow is any individual pursuing post-doctoral research training.The individual must have obtained either a PhD or Medical degree within the previous six (6) years in order to qualify as a post-doctoral fellow.

The RTC works with trainees and the broader research community to support and advance their research training experiences. The RTC supports graduate students and postdoctoral fellows by:

  • Organizing workshops, activities, and seminars that will enhance career development
  • Providing internal scholarships and awards to recognize excellence in research
  • Helping trainees to obtain external funding
  • Connecting SMH trainees with other hospital-based Research Training Centres across the GTA to promote innovative partnerships across specialties, programs, and services
  • Provide a point of contact or office to support trainees in the Research Institute on a day to day basis

The RTC registration form will be included in the registration package you receive from your supervisor.  You can also access an online registration form here. All trainees must be registered with the RTC to take advantage of internal funding opportunities…If you have further questions, please email

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