Joanna Sale

PhD, MSc



Dr. Joanna Sale is a clinical epidemiologist whose current interests are in evidence-to-care gaps in musculoskeletal conditions, the patient perspective, medication use, older adults with multiple chronic diseases, and behaviour change.  She co-leads the evaluation of the provincial Fracture Screening and Prevention Program, a program within the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy that is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. While Sale’s main area of research is in bone health (patients with osteoporotic or fragility fractures), she is also involved in projects related to arthritis, diabetes, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), spinal cord injury, asthma, and kidney disease.

Dr. Sale’s program of research includes studies that examine topics such as understanding risk, how patients navigate the health care system, patients’ experience of the clinical encounter, the experience of pain and depression, how patients manage their health conditions in a real world setting, and caregiving.  She specializes in primary data collection.

Dr. Sale received her Masters of Science degree from the University of British Columbia, her PhD from McMaster University, and her Post-Doctorate from the University of Toronto.

 Selected Recent Publications

  1. Sale JEM, Yang A, Inrig T, Gandhi S, Elliot-Gibson V, Sujic R, Jain R, Weldon J, Linton D, Bogoch E.  Patients not taking a previously prescribed bone active medication initiate medication through Ontario FLS.  Osteoporosis International 2022;33(11):2435-2440.
  2. Sale JEM, Frankel L, Yu W, Paiva J, Saini J, Hui S, Bogoch E, Meadows L.  Patients experience a need for informal care after a fragility fracture.  Osteoporosis International 2022;33(5):1027-1035.
  3. Sale JEM.  Role of analytic direction in qualitative research.  BMC Medical Research Methodology 2022;22:66 (1-12).
  4. Sale JEM, Gignac M, Frankel L, Thielke S, Bogoch E, Elliot-Gibson V, Hawker G, Funnell L.  Perspectives of patients with depression and chronic pain about bone health after a fragility fracture: A qualitative study.  Health Expectations 2022;25:177-190.
  5. Sale JEM, Yang A, Elliot-Gibson V, Jain R, Sujic R, Linton D, Weldon J, Frankel L, Bogoch E.  Patients 80+ have similar medication initiation rates to those 50-79 in Ontario FLS.  Osteoporosis International 2021;32:1405-1411.
  6. Saunders H, Sujic R, Bogoch E, Jain R, Jinah A, Elliot-Gibson V, Mendlowitz AB, Linton D, Inrig T, Isaranuwatchai W, Sale JEM.  Cost-utility of the Ontario Fracture Screening and Prevention Program.  Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (Am) 2021;103(13):1175-1183.
  7. Rotondi N, Beaton D, Sujic R, Bogoch E, Inrig T, Linton D, Weldon J, Jain R, Sale JEM.  Factors associated with screening positive for high falls risk in fragility fracture patients: A cross-sectional study.  BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2020;21:372.
  8. Sale JEM, Frankel L, Bogoch E, Gignac M, Hawker G, Elliot-Gibson V, Jain R, Funnell L.  Few fragility fracture patients perceive that their bone health is affected by their comorbidities and medications.  Osteoporosis International 2020;31(10):2047-2055.
  9. Sale JEM, Frankel L, Paiva J, Saini J, Hui S, McKinlay J, Sharma S, Cheng L, Bogoch E.  Having caregiving responsibilities affects management of fragility fractures and bone health.  Osteoporosis International 2020;31:1565-1572.
  10. Sale JEM, Marwah A, Naeem F, Yu W, Meadows L.  Evidence of patient beliefs, values and preferences is not provided in osteoporosis clinical practice guidelines.  Osteoporosis International 2019;30(7):1325-1337.

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Affiliations & Other Activities

  • Research Program Lead, Musculoskeletal Heath and Outcomes Research, St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Associate Professor, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
  • Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • Full Member, School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto
  • 2022 Backbone Award, Osteoporosis Canada
  • CIHR New Investigator (2014-2019)
  • CIHR Institute of Aging – Mid Career Investigator Prize in Research in Aging (2022)
  • Toronto Musculoskeletal Centre, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • Fragility Fracture Network (Europe)
  • Canadian Fracture Liaison Service Network
  • Scientific Advisory Council, Osteoporosis Canada
  • Canadian MSK Rehab Research Network