Monica Farcas




Dr. Monica Farcas is an Assistant Professor and Surgeon-Investigator in the Department of Surgery, Division of Urology, at the University of Toronto. She is a surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital subspecializing in the areas of laparoscopic and robotic surgery, endourology, and renal transplantation. Dr. Farcas received her Master’s Degree in Engineering at McGill University and obtained her MD and residency training in Urology at the University of Toronto. She then completed a two year Endourological Society clinical fellowship at St. Michael’s Hospital. Her research interests are in surgical innovation and surgical device development as well as surgical simulation.

Featured Publications

  1. Refinement in the analysis of motion within low-cost laparoscopic simulators of differing size: Implications on assessing technical skills. Fahy AS, Fok KH, Gavrilovic B, Farcas M, Carrillo B, Gerstle JT, Azzie G. Journal of pediatric surgery. 2018; 53(12):2480-2487. PMID: 30236606
  2. Analysis of motion in laparoscopy: the deconstruction of an intra-corporeal suturing task. Farcas MA, Trudeau MO, Nasr A, Gerstle JT, Carrillo B, Azzie G.Surgical endoscopy. 2017; 31(8):3130-3139.PMID: 27928669
  3. Intraoperative Radiographic Determination of Ureteral Length as a Method of Determining Ideal Stent Length.Barrett K, Ghiculete D, Sowerby RJ, Farcas M, Pace KT, Honey RJD.Journal of endourology. 2017; 31(S1):S101-S105. PMID: 28306331
  4. [Fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery in Colombia using telesimulation: an effective educational tool for distance learning].Henao Ó, Escallón J, Green J, Farcas M, Sierra JM, Sánchez W, Okrainec A.Biomedica : revista del Instituto Nacional de Salud. 2013; 33(1):107-14.PMID: 23715313
  5. Development and validation of a pediatric laparoscopic surgery simulator.Azzie G, Gerstle JT, Nasr A, Lasko D, Green J, Henao O, Farcas M, Okrainec A.Journal of pediatric surgery. 2011; 46(5):897-903.PMID: 21616249
  6. Endothelial cell morphologic response to asymmetric stenosis hemodynamics: effects of spatial wall shear stress gradients. Rouleau L, Farcas M, Tardif JC, Mongrain R, Leask RL. Journal of biomechanical engineering. 2010; 132(8):081013. PMID: 20670062
  7. The development of 3-D, in vitro, endothelial culture models for the study of coronary artery disease.Farcas MA, Rouleau L, Fraser R, Leask RL.Biomedical engineering online. 2009; 8:30.PMID: 19863806 PMCID: PMC2773771