Departmental Impact Authorization – Contact Information



To obtain and demonstrate service or departmental authorization for this study:

  1. Request authorization via e-mail from all impacted departments. Each e-mail to the contact must (1) describe the impact of this study on the specific service(s)/resource(s)/clinical and community space(s) and (2) request explicit sign off on this study.
  2. Authorizing signatories will review your request and provide e-mail approval or non-approval.
  3. Once received, all impact descriptions and e-mail approvals must be included with your REB application.


Clinical Services Contacts:

BiobankSunit Das
Valeria Di Giovanni
BiosafetyNeha Chauhan
Health Professions/Interprofessional Practice (Nursing and support from other health disciplines)SMH: Jane Topolovec-Vranic
SJHC: Sarah Dimmock
PHC: Lorna Bain
Health RecordsNatalie Kouyoumdjian
Heart & Vascular Program/Medical Diagnostics
(Cath Lab, ECG & Echocardiography)
SMH: Desa Hobbs
SJHC: Carolyn Nolan
Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC)SMH: Matthew Muller
SJHC: Mark Downing
Laboratory MedicineSMH & SJHC: Matthew Doggart
Medical Imaging, CT, MRI, UltrasoundSMH: Yangmei Li
SJHC: Lisa Hicks
Research MRISMH: Anthony Sheen
PharmacySMH: Laura Parsons
SJHC: Jiten Jani
Pulmonary Function LabSMH: Eva Leek
Research Facilities (access to core facilities such as -80 freezers, histology core, vivarium, etc.)Stephen Barker


Department/Division Contacts:

Department of Medicine (DoM)SMH Physician-in-Chief: S. Straus
SMH Clinical Program Director: Orla Smith
SJHC Physician-in-Chief: G. Berlyne
SJHC Clinical Program Director: Sonya Pak
Department of Surgery (DoS)SMH Surgeon-in-Chief: N. Ahmed
SMH Clinical Program Director: Tasha Osborne
SJHC Surgeon-in-Chief: M. Aarts
SJHC Clinical Program Director: Laurie Thomas
AnaesthesiaSMH Department Head: A. Baker
SJHC Department Head: R. Cirone
Cardiology, DoMSMH Division Head: K. Connelly
SJHC Division Head: P. Mitoff
Cardiovascular Surgery, DoSSMH Division Head: D. Latter
Clinical Immunology/Allergy, DoMSMH Division Head: P. Vadas
COVID-19 Assessment Centre (CAC)SJHC Department Head: Laurie Jenkins
SMH Department Head: Joel Lockwood
Critical CareSMH Department Head: J. Friedrich
SMH Clinical Program Director: Tasha Osborne
SJHC Department Head: J. Meyer
SJHC Clinical Program Director: Laurie Thomas
DentistrySMH Department Head: K. Lee
SJHC Department Head: G. Tershakowec
*This includes any department/service whose patient enters the hospital through the emergency department (e.g. trauma)
SMH Department Head**: C. Snider
SMH Clinical Program Director: Orla Smith
SJHC Department Head: J. Cheng
SJHC Clinical Program Director: Sonya Pak
**A separate Emergency Department impact assessment is required at SMH
Endocrinology, DoMSMH Division Head: A. Advani
SJHC Division Head: S. Khan
Family MedicineSMH Department Head: K. Weyman
SJHC Department Head: D. Williams
Clinical Program Director: Linda Jackson
Gastroenterology, DoMSMH Division Head: G. May
SJHC Division Head: I. Bookman
General Internal Medicine, DoMSMH Division Head: V. Dounaevskaia
SJHC Division Head: P. Jaksa
General Surgery, DoSSMH Division Head J. Simpson
SJHC Division Head: P. Sullivan
Geriatrics, DoMSMH Division Head: M. Zorzitto
SJHC Division Head: F. Menzies
Haematology/Oncology, DoMSMH Division Head: M. Sholzberg
SJHC Division Head: D. Lo
Infectious Diseases, DoMSMH Division Head: L. Taggart
SJHC Division Head: M. Downing
Laboratory MedicineSMH & SJHC Department Head: C. Streutker
Medical/Diagnostic ImagingSMH Department Head: T. Dowdell
SJHC Department Head: T. Williams
Nephrology, DoMSMH Division Head: J. Zaltzman
SJHC Division Head: A. Berbece
Clinical Program Director: Jonathan Fetros
Neurology, DoMSMH Division Head: G. Midroni
Neurosurgery, DoSDivision Head: J. Spears
Obstetrics and GynaecologySMH Department Head: F. Meffe
SJHC Department Head: S. Judah (interim)
Occupational Medicine, DoMSMH Division Head: L. Holness
Clinical Program Director: Joyce Fenuta
Oncology, DoMClinical Program Director: Joyce Fenuta
OphthalmologySMH Department Head: D. Wong
SJHC Department Head: L. Derzko-Dzulynsky
Orthopaedic Surgery, DoSSMH Division Head: T. Daniels
SJHC Division Head: G. Vincent
OtolaryngologySMH Department Head: J. Anderson
SJHC Department Head: A. Gantous
PaediatricsSMH Department Head: M. Sgro
SJHC Department Head: H. Yang
Plastic Surgery, DoSSMH Division Head: B. Murphy
SJHC Division Head: C. Fielding
PsychiatrySMH Department Head: K. Chin
SJHC Department Head: J. Lofchy
Clinical Program Director: Janet Wilson
Respirology, DoMSMH Division Head: E. Tullis
SJHC Division Head: M. Heffer
Rheumatology, DoMSMH Division Head: D. Mahendira
SJHC Division Head: J. Stein
Urology, DoSSMH Division Head: K. Pace
SJHC Division Head: A. Chawla
Vascular Surgery, DoSDivision Head: M. Al-Omran