AERO’s first open house


As part of Research Month, AERO held an open house on Nov 15th 2018, showcasing:

  • Dr. Jory Simpson and Emilia Kangasjarvi sharing the Patients as Teachers innovation and associated research
  • The Centre for Faculty Development’s online supplements for education and the CACE Homecare Curriculum
  • Jeffery Cheung’s research on how simulation can be used to help trainees learn conceptual knowledge that transfers to their future clinical performance
  • Thurarshen Jeyalingam’s research on how we assess residents’ competency and entrustability in gastro-intestinal procedures using simulation
  • Conner Janeteas, Katsiaryna Kazlovich, and Julia Kfouri’s project on a 3-D printed innovative placenta model for obstetrics training
  • Lori Nemoy, Doug Campbell, Stella Ng, and Ryan Brydges’ (and team) multi-methods study of transfer of care on the labour and delivery ward at St. Michael’s
  • Kinnon Ross MacKinnon’s research on health advocacy as systems change, or system workarounds: Studying how clinicians learn to work with trans patients
  • Beck McNeil’s research on identity, trust, and care: moving through discomfort towards meaningful care for transgender patients
  • Doug Campbell’s research on utilizing simulation to identify Latent Safety Threats (LSTs) during neonatal MRI intramural transport

AERO brings together education researchers from leading education units (e.g. the Allan Waters Simulation Centre and the Centre for Faculty Development) and clinical departments (e.g. Dept. of Medicine, Dept. of Surgery), bridging education practice and education research. This event highlighted how AERO is using education research and knowledge mobilization to enhance the technical and social dimensions of care.

Thank you to all who demonstrated their work and those who visited our open house.