Resources for Type 1 Diabetes

Below are commonly used resources curated by our T1ME Trial Investigators.


DiaBiteSize – Managing Diabetes

Animations created by Dr. Janet Parsons and Dr. Andrew Advani’s team at St. Michael’s Hospital.


Beyond Type 1

Beyond Type 1 is one of the largest online non-profit organizations that aims to change Type 1 diabetes with a focus on funding advocacy, education and community.

Connected in Motion

Connected in Motion is a Type 1 Diabetes community that creates self-management support through experimental peer education and mentorship. The organization hosts regular active events and outdoor adventures. 

Diabetes Hope Foundation

Diabetes Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that empowers and provides peer support for emerging adults living with Type 1 diabetes. The foundation offers scholarships, mentorships, workshops and peer support programs while working closely with Ontario’s paediatric health care centres.


DiaTribe was named the top non-profit diabetes influencer in 2015. DiaTribe seeks to help patients and health providers make sense of diabetes through education. They host a patient-focused online publication about a wide variety of diabetes topics.

Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network

Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network (T1DTTN) provides expertise, guidance and integration aimed to improve the quality of life for adults with Type 1 diabetes. They seek to bridge the voices of patients with healthcare through storytelling, conversations and creative problem-solving. T1DTTN provides resources and hosts community events.


Diabetes Organizations with Research Initiatives

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) aims to seek a cure for Type 1 diabetes. It is both a mission and a journey in JDRF to help the lives of those with type 1 diabetes reach their lifestyle and health goals in an easier and safer manner. JDRF provides and focuses on research in the cure and treatment therapies for Type 1.

Diabetes Action Canada

The aim of Diabetes Action Canada (DAC) is to create patient and research informed innovations in health care for diabetes. DAC consists of a collaboration between researchers, health care and patient partners with the overall mission to design care that will prevent diabetes and its related complications. DAC also aims to help satisfy patients who currently have diabetes by improving health care experiences.

Diabetes Canada

Diabetes Canada, formerly known as the Canadian Diabetes Association, is a national voice of advocacy and awareness on the growing epidemic of diabetes in Canada. Diabetes Canada is on the search for a cure to end diabetes, while helping those with diabetes live healthier and preventing the onset of those at risk.

Trial Net

A community of international doctors, healthcare teams, and scientists, TrialNet is an organization dedicated to the prevention of Type 1 diabetes. TrialNet offers Type 1 diabetes risk screening, metabolic monitoring, and other preventative studies for relatives and those at risk of developing Type 1 diabetes.