Genomics ADvISER

A Genomics decision AiD about Incidental SEquencing Results

Genomics ADvISER is an online decision support tool designed to help patients who have had their exome or genome sequenced and are being offered to learn about any incidental or secondary results. The tool consist of an educational white board video about genomic sequencing and incidental findings followed by a series of values and knowledge exercises designed to help the user select which incidental findings they would like to receive. Genomics ADvISER was developed in conjunction with the Evans Health Lab, Helios Designs and uses the Ottawa decisional support framework to guide the users selection. Funding for the development of Genomics ADvISER comes from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the McLaughlin Centre. Click here for all publications about Genomics ADvISER.

Genomics Advisor screenshot

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