The zebrafish screening facility team has selected the most advanced, high throughput compatible devices available on the market to build screening platforms. We are able to perform fully automated screening for zebrafish embryos and larvae, from embryo sorting to drug dosing and efficacy readout. The key features of the system are summarized below:

  1. Liquid handling system, equipment integration and system automation design for small and transparent embryos:
    • Screening platform with robots
    • Liquid handling
    • System integration, software and automation
  2. Other platform procession equipment:
    • Automated zebrafish embryo selection, sorting and dispersion
    • High-throughput point scanning confocal imaging
    • High-throughput molecular biology to study the mechanisms of drug action
  3. Offline equipment:
    • Advanced devices for behavioural studies in both larvae and adult zebrafish
    • ZebraBox which permits simultaneous tracking and analysis in multi-welled plates

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