Nuclear Medicine


Nuclear medicine is a Royal College certified specialty that makes use of radioisotopes to diagnose and treat disease.

Nuclear medicine physicians have special training in physics, physiology and pharmacology which is usually combined with knowledge of diagnostic radiology to interpret conventional nuclear medicine and PET studies in conjunction with CT, MRI, xray and ultrasound.

Equipment & Facilities

Nuclear Medicine resources in the department include:

  • GE Lunar iDXA bone scanner
  • GE Hawkeye/Infinia SPECT/CT
  • Philips Marconi Prism 2000XP dual head SPECT camera
  • Philips Meridian single head gamma camera
  • Capintec Captus 3000 thyroid uptake system
  • Wallac scintillation counter
  • A new specialized cardiac gamma camera is planned for 2016!

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