SRU Services

The C-UHS Survey Research Unit provides full research management services, including:

Survey instrument development
Survey instrument testing and evaluation
Interviewing, recruitment and follow-up
Computer assisted surveys programming
Secure data hosting
Data entry
Quality control


Randomized control trials
Longitudinal studies
Exploratory studies
Cross sectional studies
Mixed-method studies
Program evaluation


Our pricing model includes a mixture of “fixed price” and “time and materials” estimations. Typically, start-up fees, project management, data analysis and report writing are priced based on scope and have associated fixed costs. Recruitment and data collection activities are priced based on “time and materials” estimations and have associated variable costs. Rates will vary depending on the project size and complexity. For project cost estimates, please contact us.


Focus groups
Semi-structured interviews
Concept mapping
Cognitive interviewing


We have experience recruiting and interviewing populations that are: low income, non-English speaking, that are experiencing mental health, addictions and/or housing problems, that have been victims of violence and that are having problems assessing the health care system. We also have experience recruiting and interviewing health care professional, leadership, as well as patients.