Small Animal High Performance MicroCT

MILabs’ U-CT is extremely fast and offers ultra-high resolution at low X-ray doses enabling demanding multispecies 3D/4D in vivo applications, including dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) CT imaging. The system allows for dual-gated cardiac and respiratory imaging for freeze-frame acquisitions and features sensor-free respiratory gating for imaging up to four mice simultaneously and medium-sized animals.

MILabs’ U-CT

  • Ultra-fast X-ray CT with a scan time of down to 5 seconds for mouse total body imaging
  • Fully integrated dynamic combined (dual gated) and independent cardiac and respiratory gating
  • Sensor-free, projection-based CT cardiac and respiratory gating of up to 4 mice simultaneously
  • Option to image up to 4 mice simultaneously in the CT
  • Standard trans axial field of view with a diameter of 75 mm and a scanning length of 220 mm
  • Medium Size Animal (MSA) imaging, e.g., for total body scanning of up to 5 Kg rabbits

Bio-monitoring and animal handling

  • Physiological monitoring unit of animals including ECG triggering, animal temperature regulation and respiration
  • Integrated mice and rat animal beds including heater pads and anesthesia cones
  • Live optical camera to monitor the animal during scanning
  • Special dedicated animal beds supporting the simultaneous scanning of up to 4 mice for high throughput imaging with CT
  • Ex vivo sample holders
  • Docking station for animal positioning, injection, and preparation prior to acquisition

Other general information

  • Fully integrated acquisition computer for CT system
  • Separate reconstruction workstation which can be accessed remotely from different computers
  • User-friendly touchscreen acquisition input and management console for CT
  • Export data formats: TIFF for reconstructed slices; NIFTI or DICOM for reconstructed 3D volume
  • Software license of post-processing image analysis software Imalytics and PMOD

Dr. Haibo Zhang ( provides this specialty service.

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Licensed Software

(Note: Remote access can be booked on the RFBMS)

Imalytics Preclinical


  • Tutorial videos
  • 3D-visualization
  • Interactive segmentation
  • Analysis of preclinical image data sets
  • Supports data sets from several modalities such as CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, and optical imaging