Credit Card Purchases Requirement

The expenses submitted for your requisition appear to have been paid by credit card. It is SMH policy that when submitting expenses for reimbursement if a credit card is used, a copy of the credit card statement must also be accompanied with the request. The statement should include:

  • The payee name
  • The last four digits of the card used
  • Line transactions detailing the expense

You can have irrelevant transaction marked/blacked out for confidentiality. This will ensure that the appropriate payee is being reimbursed for their expenses. This is a requirement to satisfy the compliance from our financial auditors.

Credit Card Statements are not required if items have been purchased through cash or interact. (only receipts required)

Please note the following reasons for providing Credit Card Statements:

  1. Ensure we are reimbursing the correct person/business for these expenses. There have been instances where staff have claimed flight/accommodation/supplies for reimbursement, however the actual purchase was done through their P-Card (in their name), which meant St. Michael’s Hospital is the payer. Having the credit card available will ensure we pay the correct person and meet the needs of our financial auditors.
  2. Ensures the amount requested in the requisition is indeed what was charged on the credit card. In instances of Foreign Exchange we will reimburse the value mentioned on Credit Card Statement after conversion.
  3. Ensure proof of payment in instances the receipts does not indicate proof of payment (i.e. Estimates, quotes, etc.)

All levels of staff from coordinators, external vendors to executives require a copy of their credit card statements when submitting claims, if the purchase was done through credit card.


For further clarification on submitting requisition and reimbursements, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions