Trauma care is a main focus of Dr. Petrosoniak’s teaching and educational efforts. He is the director of trauma education at St. Michael’s Hospital and he is an invited speaker at both national and international conferences on the topics of early trauma resuscitation and massive transfusion protocols among others. He advocates for a re-sequenced approach to trauma resuscitation with an emphasis on physiologic priorities (i.e. address the most life-threatening problem first and resuscitation before intubation) rather than the traditional A-B-C-D-E paradigm. He recently co-edited the trauma issue Damage Control: Advances in Trauma Resuscitation for Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America with his colleague and mentor, Dr. Chris Hicks.

Check out some of Dr. Petrosoniak’s work in trauma education:

St. Michael’s Hospital’s trauma team shows why seconds count for Toronto’s victims of violence

January 30, 2019 • Global News

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St. Mike’s hospital trauma surgeons are using battlefield techniques to treat victims of gun violence

December 27, 2018 • The Toronto Star

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Trauma – The First and Last 15 Minutes Part 2

Dr. Kylie Bosman, Dr. Chris Hicks and Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak.

January, 2019 • Episode 119

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Trauma: The First and Last 15 Minutes-Part 1

Helman, A, Bosman, K, Hicks, C, Petrosoniak, A.

December, 2018 • Episode 118

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Damage Control: Advances in Trauma Resuscitation

Hicks C (Editor), Petrosoniak A (Editor)

February 2018 • Volume 36 • Number 1

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The Human Factor Optimizing Trauma Team Performance in Dynamic Clinical Environments

Hicks C, Petrosoniak A

February 2018 • Volume 36 • Number 1 • Pages 1-17

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Resuscitation Resequenced

Petrosoniak A, Hicks C

February 2018 • Volume 36 • Number 1 • Pages 41-60

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Pain in the Polytrauma Patient

Hicks C, Petrosoniak A

Pain & Procedural Sedation in Acute Care. Reuben Strayer, Sergey Motov, & Lewis Nelson, eds.

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First in Ontario: St. Michael’s to use new ER-REBOA catheter in trauma bay

By Mary Dickie

Toronto, October 2, 2018

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When every second counts: How a simulation dramatically improved blood delivery times for trauma patients

By Amber Daugherty

Toronto, August 13, 2018

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