Knowledge Translation Toolkit

Tools and tips to help maximize the practical impact of inner city health research.

We also offer KT training for researchers and for organizations that work for inner city health.

Tools for researchers

Self-reflection exercises

These questions will help you be more intentional in your research and communication.

Getting started: Identify KT goals and relevant activities

What kind of change do you want to contribute to? An options list.

Planning KT intentionally: Environmental scan questions

Questions to ask about your audience and their policy context.

Formats for KT reports and face-to-face meetings
Organizing a KT report: Design tips
KT writing: Style tips
Tailoring messages for different KT audiences: Case example
Online KT: Rethinking our assumptions about the Internet and social media

Tips for sharing information on the Web.

Tools for using research in policy, planning and advocacy

Stakeholder KT needs and capacities

Not finding the health equity evidence you need? You can educate researchers about what’s important to you.

Self-assessment exercise: Evidence based decision-making in my worklife
Is this evidence useful to me?

A decision support tool to assess the relevance of health equity research for your context.

Should we collaborate on this research project?

A decision support tool for organizations whose primary mandate is not research.

How to cite these resources

Murphy, K., Holton, E. (2011). (Title of Document used) in CRICH Knowledge Translation Toolkit. Toronto: Centre for Research on Inner City Health.