RTC: Postdoctoral Fellow Trainee Registration

Welcome to St. Michael’s Hospital! Before you begin your training here, you will need to be registered.

A fellowship is intended to provide a learning experience in a specific research field, either as part of the individual’s continuing education, or as a prerequisite to obtaining necessary credentials.  The individual must have obtained either a PhD or Medical degree within the previous six (6) years in order to qualify as a post-doctoral fellow.  As a trainee, the post-doctoral fellow (PDF) are employees of the Hospital. The post-doctoral fellowship provides an important stage in the transition from graduate student to independent scholar. Post Doctoral Fellow Policy (internal document only).

Step 1: As a Postdoctoral Fellow, you are an employee at St. Michael’s Hospital. HR will email personal information forms, tax forms and an offer letter. You will also need to do a criminal background check.

Step 2: Attend an employee orientation, the date of the orientation will be mentioned in the email from HR. The orientation will take place at 2 Queen St East – 8th floor, Suite 802.

Step 3: After the employee orientation, you will need to visit corporate health and safety (St. Michael’s Hospital, 4th floor, Shuter Wing) to submit your immunization paperwork.

Step 4: Activate your ID badge, please follow the steps here. For detailed instructions on access, check out this link.

Step 5: Register with the RTC  (Research Training Centre), please complete this form.

Step 6: Take a look at our orientation package to help you get started!

Step 7: Complete the research training listed below.

Research Training

Wet Bench/ Experimental Research Trainee

Mandatory training

  • Fire Safety and Security
  • WHMIS (chemical safety)
  • Biosafety
    • Laboratory Safety
    • Biosafety
  • Radiation Safety and Awareness

Follow this link to complete the required training. Workers are also required to attend a half-day biosafety training course within the first three months of starting work. Please check our upcoming events for the next training session. Lab Coat  Lab coats and scrubs are available to all St. Michael’s students. There is a $15 deposit for lab coats and a $30 deposit for scrubs that must be paid at the cashier’s office located on the first floor of the Cardinal Carter wing off of Victoria St.

Optional Training

Research Facilities offers a number of courses and educational seminars to provide our researchers with the opportunity to expand their skill sets and knowledge. 

eTIBS courses include: Core Clinics, Current Emerging Technologies, and Basic Methodology Courses.

Dry Bench/ Clinical Research Trainee

Mandatory Training

  • Fire Safety and Security
  • WHMIS (chemical safety)
  • Biosafety for Clinical Researchers

Follow this link to complete the required training. You will also need to complete the following modules:

Researcher coordinators II and III, that will be handling human specimens or undertake lab work are required to attend a biosafety course designed to address clinical needs. Please contact the biosafety officer for more information.