Resuscitation in Motion Schedule of Proceedings


Monday May 2 – 7.30am-5pm  (Networking Reception and Afterparty follow)
Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St Michael’s Hospital

07.30-08.30 – Registration and Full Breakfast

08.30-08.40 – Welcome: Laurie Morrison

08.40-08.45 – ENGAGE: This is RiM! – Peter Brindley and Judith Finn

08.45-09.00 – At the Podium – Lorraine Ware – B is for Basic – keeping it real and relevant in the realm of basic science.

0900-10.00 – Scientific Sessions 1Discovery – Chair: John Laffey

  • Chung Ho Leung  University of Toronto  (Provocateurs: Sheldon Cheskes / Sandro Rizoli)
  • Mazharul Maishan  University of Toronto  (Provocateurs: John Marshall / Lorraine Ware)
  • Arata Tabuchi  University of Toronto (Provocateurs: Art Slutsky / Laurent Brochard)
  • Grace Hogan   University of Toronto   (Provocateurs: Damon Scales / Wolfgang Keubler
  • Sahil Gupta   University of Toronto  (Provocateurs: Claudia dos Santos / Brian Cuthbertson)   

10.05-10.25 – Refreshment and Networking Break

10.30-10.45 – At the Podium – Richard Price -The “how to” of idea to development to translation

10.45-11.40 – Scientific Session 2InnovationChair: Ori Rotstein, MD

  • Matthew Douma  University of Toronto (Provocateurs: Richard Verbeek / Doug Campbell
  • Jean-Christophe Richard  University of Toronto (Provocateurs: Michael Fries / James Menegazzi)
  • Amit Chopra   University of Toronto (Provocateurs: Demetri Yannopoulis / Ben Abella)
  • Matt Sunderman  University of Pittsburgh (Provocateurs: Steve Brooks / Bob Neumar)
  • Alyf Janmohammed  University of Toronto  (Provocateurs: Vinay Nadkarni / Richard Price

11.40-12.00 – IGNITE: Key ingredients for successful academic-industrial partnerships

  • Laurie Morrison – Moderator
  • John Marshall – University of Toronto
  • Timothy Chan – University of Toronto
  • Bob Niskanen – Resurgent Biomedical
  • Sahail Shariff – Mars Innovation
  • Fred Chapman – Physio-Control
  • Anja Metzger – Zoll Medical

12.00-12.45 – Networking at Noon: Box Lunch with some big names in resuscitation science research and practice

12.50-13.50 – Scientific Sessions 3Bedside Research Chair: Damon Scales

  • Melissa Parker  McMaster University (Provocateurs: Allan de Caen / Anne-marie Guerguerian
  • Michael Kurz   University of Alabama (Provocateurs: Sandro Rizoli / Peter Brindley)
  • Allison Koller   University of Pittsburgh (Provocateurs: Andrew Baker/ Janet Parsons)
  • Kelly Sawyer  Beaumont Health (Provocateurs: Jim Christenson / Raina Merchant)
  • Katie Dainty  University of Toronto  (Provocateurs: Kirstie Haywood/ Robert Niskanen)

13.50-15.00 – Scientific Sessions 4RiM on the Road (Curbside Research) – Intro and Chair: Sheldon Cheskes

  • Dan Lane   University of Toronto (Provocateurs: Richard Verbeek / Monica Parry
  • Chris Smith   Peterborough Paramedics (Provocateurs: Brian Cuthbertson/ John Marshall)
  • Justin Boutilier  University of Toronto (Provocateurs: Bryan McNally / Vinay Nadkarni)
  • Audrey Blewer   University of Pennsylvania (Provocateurs: Judith Finn / Peter Juni)
  • Derya Demirtas   University of Twente , The Netherlands  (Provocateurs: Bob Neumar / Ben Abella)

15.00-16.15 – Refreshment Break and Speed Dating:  Science and Support with Senior Investigators


1.  Allan de Caen ILCOR – What is it and how do I get involved
2.  Annemarie Silver  (Zoll) The ABC’s of Industry Trials
3.  Anne-Marie Guerguerian / Sheldon Cheskes How to evaluate device interventions in resuscitation?
4.  Andrew Baker / Demetri Yannopoulis How to start and keep a Basic Science Lab going
5.  Brian Cuthbertson / Steve Brooks How to negotiate an MD Scientist Position
6.  Brian McNally / Gavin Perkins What it takes to establish and maintain a research data registry  – US and UK approaches
7.  Damon Scales How to Answer a Knowledge Translation Question
8.  Vinay Nadkarni How to Sustain Simulation Research
9.  Fred Chapman How to land a PhD scientist position
10.  James Menegazzi How to get Published – Senior Scientist Perspective
12.  Janet Parsons The ABC’s of Qualitative Research
13.  Jim Christenson / Judith Finn Keep It Simple: Observational Trials
14.  John Marshall / Ben Abella Keep It Simple: Clinical Trials
15.  Kirstie Haywood / Monica Parry How to engage patients in research
16.  Lorraine Ware / Wolfgang Keubler Role of Translational Research in Critical Care
17.  Laurent Brochard / Claudia dos Santos Exploring Innovative lung models in resuscitaiton
18.  Michael Fries / Robert Neumar Keep it simple: Experimental Trials
19.  Ori Rotstein Biotech Bench to Bedside
20.  Peter Juni The Methods Section Makes the Grant
21.  Raina Merchant What is the next frontier in using social media in research?
22.  Richard Verbeek / Peter Brindley How to Get the Most Out Of Your Mentor/Supervisor
23.  Richard Price (x 2 rounds) / Tim Chan Carpe Diem- Innovation Strategies
24.  Sandro Rizoli / Barto Nacimento What is the next frontier in trauma resuscitation science?
25.  Urlich Herken (Zoll) / Laurie Morrison How to Pitch Your Ideas To Industry

16.15-17.00 – IMPACT – Kirstie Haywood – Traditional Clinical Outcomes – What do patients think is important?                    Raina Merchant – Social Media Interventions for Patient Engagement – New tools, new responses, new outcomes?

17.00 – 19.30 – Networking Reception: Thinking and Drinking over Jazz
                              Join us for Live Jazz, Good Food, Open Bar and Great Conversations.

20.00-21.30 – Networking Afterparty at the Imperial – All are invited to network further over pool and pints at our famous “local” pub.

Tuesday May 3 – 7.30am-12.30pm
Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute

07.30-08.30 – Continental Breakfast

08.30-08.35 – Welcome back: Laurie Morrison

08.40-0.950 – Scientific Sessions 5 – Curbside Research – Chair: Richard Verbeek

  • Christopher Sun   University of Toronto (Provocateurs: Vinay Nadkarni/ Raina Merchant
  • Milena Talikowska   Curtin University, Australia (Provocateurs: Sheldon Cheskes / Jim Christenson)
  • Samantha McDonnell  University of Warwick, UK (Provocateurs: Janet Parsons / Steve Brooks)
  • Guillaume Geri   St Michael’s Hospital – University of Toronto (Provocateurs: Damon Scales / James Menegazzi
  • Brian Grunau   University of British Columbia (Provocateurs: Gavin Perkins / Michael Fries)

10.00-10.20 – Refreshment and Networking Break

10.20-10.40 -IAN JACOBS MEMORIAL KEYNOTE – Gavin Perkins

10.40-11.10 – RiM Vox Pop: Trainees and Young Investigators speak

11.10-11.45 – RiM Touchstone – A story of OHCA Survival and the team work that made it possible.

Closing: 11.45-noon

12 noon-12.30 – LUNCH BEFORE LEAVING