A contract or research agreement is required if:

  • services or funds are incoming or outgoing to/from Unity Health Toronto;
  • any information, data (e.g. video and audio or personal health information) or biological materials (e.g., blood, other bodily fluids, and/or tissues) will be sent to an external party;
  • any research materials (e.g. animals and/or animal samples, viruses, or equipment) will be sent or received by Unity Health Toronto;
  • any researcher or external party wishes to conduct a clinical study at Unity Health Toronto.

Research Contracts will draft, review, negotiate, and finalize all research agreements prior to approval and signature.

What happens after I submit my contract?

  • After submitting a completed application package, you will receive a specific contract identification number for your contract application from the Research Contracts Clerk within 5 business days.
  • A contract is drafted and/or reviewed by a Research Contracts Analyst or Specialist and is submitted to the Principal Investigator for feedback.
  • The contract is then negotiated between the parties and approved.
  • Once a Research Contracts Analyst or Specialist approves a contract, the Office of Research Administration will obtain institutional signatures.
  • The Principal Investigator will be notified once institutional signatures are obtained and, if applicable, when and where to pick up the contract for them to sign.
  • The Research Contracts Clerk will request the Principal Investigator or their staff member to deliver the partially signed contract to the external party for signatures.
  • Once the external party has signed the agreement, the Principal Investigator or their staff member shall send a fully executed agreement to researchcontracts@unityhealth.to. This is required to complete our files and finalize the contract process.