Information for Supervisors

  1. Responsibilities of the Supervisor
    (Information from the U of T SGS Guide)

    • Planning
    • Guidance
    • Feedback
    • Accessibility
    • Assistance with Setting up a Supervisory Committee
  2. Graduate Supervision 
    (Information from the U of T SGS Guide)

    • Supervision and Mentoring
    • Supervisory Styles
    • Effective Supervision in Practice
    • Supporting Students to Completion and Beyond
    • Creating Equality and Equity when Working with Students
    • When a Student may Need Accommodations
    • When Problems Arise

Information for Trainees

  1. Responsibilities of the Student
    (Information from the U of T SGS Guide)

    • Know how and where to access graduate unit and university policies and regulations.
    • Be pro-active.
    • Keep your supervisor informed of emerging issues or upcoming events that may affect your academic progress
    • Be sure to have regular meetings with your supervisory committee (SGS requires at least one meeting each year).
    • Prepare a realistic timeline for your program, review and adjust when needed.
    • Seek conflict resolution as early as possible.
    • Participate cooperatively and responsibly in the supervisory relationship.
    • Understand that graduate supervision is a shared responsibility.
  2. U of T Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision