All grant applications, whether submitted to the internal peer review process or not, must be submitted to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) for budget review approval before they can be signed off by Unity Health.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS to the Office of Research Administration (ORA)

All grant applications submitted at Unity Health Toronto (UHT) must be reviewed by the ORA whether the lead is a trainee or a principal investigator. This is a requirement in order to obtain institutional signature. The ORA will ensure:

  • PI holds appointment
  • There is no conflict of interest
  • Whether matching funds are required for submission and if so, whether they are in place
  • Required letters of reference are in place and reviewed, and signatures are obtained
  • A preliminary review of the research protocol is complete
  • A detailed review of budget and budget justification is complete
  • Identification numbers for Unity Health Toronto are correct (Charitable #, EIN, DUNS, etc.) as well as contact information

The ORA reviews a grant application when:

  • UHT PI is lead and an institutional signature is required
  • UHT PI is lead and an institutional signature is an electronic submission
  • UHT PI is a co-investigator and institutional signature is required
  • UHT PI is lead but no institutional signature is required


The purpose of the internal peer review program (IPRP) is to increase the success rate of any grant that is submitted by Unity Health investigators and support cohesion and collegiality in Research at Unity Health Toronto. Unity Health has implemented the IPRP to ensure the highest quality grant and award applications are being submitted to external granting agencies, professional societies and associations. In certain cases, some applications do not need to go through the IPRP. You cannot accurately fill in the Document Tracking Form until you have determined who your internal peer reviewers are going to be. If you are unsure, please read the Internal Peer Review of Research Grant and Award Applications policy (For Internal Use Only; Click Here for a step-by-step guide on how to externally access internal documents).

The internal peer review program applies to all grant and award applications to all peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed granting agencies except for the following:

  1. Grant and award applications from an investigator who is more than 6 years from their first faculty appointment AND with a budget of ≤$50,000 per annum (not including any applicable overhead costs).
  2. Collaborative grant applications where the primary investigator/nominated principal applicant is not a Unity Health scientist/investigator.
  3. Grant and award applications that have previously gone through the UHT IPRP within the last four months (i.e. 4 months from the date when IPRP was completed).
  4. Training award applications (e.g., Fellowship, Scholarship and Studentship).
  5. Equipment grants (not including Canada Foundation for Innovation grants which must undergo the Internal Peer Review Process).
  6. Maintenance
  7. Fully Industry-funded research

The Office of Research Administration

For administrative questions, including:

  • Document Tracking Form (DTF) submissions
  • Reviewer report submission
  • Reporting any changes to IPR reviewers
  • Process questions

Please Contact:

Dina Coronios-Antoniou

Office of Research Administration Phone: (416) 864-6060 Ext. 7830 Fax: (416) 864-6043 Email: Remember, your GAP ID# should always be quoted in the subject line in all communications

For questions related to grant submissions, including:

  • Budgets
  • Signature pages
  • Electronic submissions
  • Required legal numbers on applications
  • Conflicts of interest to reports

Please Contact:

Marianna Betro Office of Research Administration Phone: (416) 864-5521 Fax: (416) 864-6043 Email: Remember, your GAP ID# should always be quoted in the subject line in all communications