Delegate Activity Signing Authority

Signing authority can be delegated in circumstances when a PI is not always available for the day to day operations of their research. The principal investigator can assign a Research Manager or Coordinator to sign off on reimbursements, payment requisitions or invoices within the limit set by the St. Michael’s Hospital Policy on delegation.

To delegate signing authority, please follow these steps:

Fill out the Amendment to Delegate Signing Authority. Complete the form in full, indicating the individual(s) you wish to delegate signing authority to.

Submit the double-sided original version of the completed form to your Research Financial Analyst. Not sure who your analyst is? View the Research Finance Portfolio list to find your financial analyst.

Please note: the delegation of signing authority is different from the granting of access for financial and payroll reports in My Business. To grant access to financial and payroll reports, please visit the Grant Activity Access section.