Register with the RTC

Welcome to the RTC at St Michael’s Hospital! If you are a new graduate student or post-doctoral fellow please complete the following form after you have completed your SMH onboarding requirements.

Please register if you are:

  1. A Postdoctoral Fellow at St. Michael’s Hospital
  2. A Graduate Student (MSc or PhD) student – Your primary supervisor must be a scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital, and you must be enrolled in a thesis based graduate program or your primary supervisor is from Ryerson (iBEST program) and you are enrolled in a thesis based graduate program. 

By completing this form, you agree to the student agreement of responsibility:

St. Michael’s Hospital and your educational institution have a contractual agreement that governs your placement experience at St. Michael’s. In addition, there are specific responsibilities you must be aware of and in agreement with before you begin your placement.

  1. All information that I have provided to St. Michael’s is accurate.
  2. I agree to abide by all regulations, policies and procedures that govern St. Michael’s, and understand that copies of these are available to me from my supervisor/investigator and on the St. Michael’s Intranet.
  3. I have read and agree to comply with the St. Michael’s policies on confidentiality and business code of conduct.
  4. I acknowledge that any client at any time may decline to have me involved in their care, based on my status as a student (where applicable).
  5. I understand that St. Michael’s may terminate this agreement at any time, should St. Michael’s deem my conduct or performance unacceptable. Except in extraordinary circumstances, such a decision would not be made without first consulting with me and my Educational Institution.
  6. I understand that St. Michael’s at no time will accept responsibility for loss or damage to my personal property including motor vehicles parked or driven on St. Michael’s premises.
  7. I will at all times, practice within the scope of my knowledge and skill, and I will request and accept appropriate supervision.
  8. I consent to the collection and use of my personal information on this form by St. Michael’s for administrative purposes including external reporting as required by the government.
  9. I agree to wear the St. Michael’s Identification Badge assigned to me at all times during my placement at St. Michael’s and to return it to my supervisor/investigator when I have completed my placement(s).
  10. I will complete the Corporate Health and Safety Services forms and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment as required.
Please complete this form IF you are a graduate student/Postdoctoral Fellow at St. Michael’s Hospital.
Please ask your supervisor if you are unsure.
Format: St. Michaels: $ XXXX per year. Source of Funds: XXX. University: $ XXXX per year. Source of Funds: XXX

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