Who is a graduate student?

DescriptionWill they receive academic credit?Are they paid by St. Michael's Hospital?If paid by St. Michael's Hospital - Type of tax slip:St. Michael's Hospital employee?
Graduate students must be registered in a recognized university Masters or PhD program and are at St. Michael's Hospital under a formal arrangement between the Hospital and the university. The graduate students are completing their graduate studies thesis/research while at St. Michael's, which is a requirement of their graduate studies education. Their university graduate studies thesis supervisor is a St. Michael's Hospital investigator. YesYes and no. Graduate students typically receive an annual stipend from either the university or St. Michael's Hospital directly. If the funds being used to pay the graduate student are held at St. Michael's Hospital, then the graduate student will be paid their stipend directly from St. Michael's Hospital. T4ANo

How to register:

Steps for supervisors

a) Complete the PI Forms for your trainee
b) If your trainee will be receiving a stipend through St. Michael’s (Unity Health Toronto) – please complete this email template.
c) Send your trainee the getting started package and have them complete the registration section.
d) Email the forms from steps a and b, as well as the trainee’s documents from step c) to Dalbir Singh (ORAresearch@unityhealth.to) and the RTC (rtc@smh.ca)

Important Note

Corporate Health has mandated that all Graduate Students who will be working onsite at Unity Health must have a valid Ontario COVID vaccine QR Code (minimum 2 doses).

If you are out of country/out of province, and will be working onsite in Toronto, you must apply for a Ontario COVID vaccine QR Code. You cannot be registered until you have one.

Instructions are below (you’ll be informed that it’ll take weeks to process, but typically it’s only a few days)

You can contact your local public health unit regarding next steps.  https://covid-19.ontario.ca/proof-covid-19-vaccination

If your trainee will not be working onsite, they should not pick up their ID badge or complete their immunizations at Corporate Health and Safety. If your trainee will be working onsite, they are required to pick up their ID badge and complete their immunizations (immunization check-ins are for trainees working directly with patients). These instructions will be sent to your trainee once they complete their getting started package.

Steps for trainees

a) Congratulations on your acceptance to your graduate program! Your next step is to get registered at the St. Michael’s Hospital Research Training Centre. Click here to access the getting started document. Review this document and complete the registration section.

b) After you and your supervisor have completed the above steps and been onboarded, please fill out this form to register with the Research Training Centre. If you have questions please contact Sophie at rtc@smh.ca.

Note: If you are a new post-doctoral fellow, please view the Post-Doctoral Fellow page to register with the Research Training Centre.

New to Toronto?

Information for international trainees