Space Use Guidelines

The Research Space Use Guidelines were developed in accordance with the St. Michael’s Hospital Space Allocation Policy to describe the proper use of research offices, work stations and laboratory space.

The Research Space Decision Making Mechanism Guidelines were influenced by space standards at similar research institutions and have now been approved by the St. Michael’s Master Plan Steering Committee. These were used to program both the Shuter and Yonge Campuses and were developed to help streamline how various space decisions are made within Research. This mechanism has two functions:

Ad hoc space requests

Space requests are to be made to the Project Coordinator and evaluated with the director, Research Facilities, on an ad hoc basis. Wet bench requests and recommended solutions will be reviewed with the associate director, Basic Science Research. Dry bench requests and recommended solutions will be reviewed with the executive director, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute. As required, the director will review requests and recommendations with the vice-president, Research or the Research Executive Committee, for information or approval. Significant research space decisions, approvals, adjustments and plans will be reviewed by the Hospital’s Master Plan Steering Committee.

Space use evaluation

Staff inventories will be collected and site audits will occur on a yearly basis for all research space. Space is a common resource and does not belong to specific research groups. When there is a need for research space, under-utilized space will be re-assigned.

Facility maintenance

Research Facilities works closely with the Planning and Development Department to help maintain our off-site Research properties (250 Yonge St., 193 Yonge St., etc.). In addition to renovation and construction projects within our leased spaces, we work with building management to ensure proper maintenance of leased spaces, building improvements and constant communication with building occupants.