Registration and Access for iBEST Members

Welcome to Research at St. Michael’s Hospital.

If you are an investigator, student or new employee joining us from Toronto Metropolitan University as part of iBEST, please follow these steps to register and request research space access:

New Registration and Access

  1. Set up your online profile. View “Getting Started Instructions” for help with setting up your profile.
  2. Email the completed Bar Code Form to Dalbir Singh in the Office of Research Administration.
  3. Complete the iBEST Code of Conduct Form.

In addition, please read the following policies (available on the hospital intranet) to ensure you are complying with hospital regulations:

  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Alcohol and drug use policy
  • Criminal activity Policy
  • Discrimination, harassment and violence policy


Obtain your ID badge from the IT badge office on the 10th floor of the Peter Gilgan Tower, St. Michael’s Hospital to have your picture taken and receive your ID badge.  Detailed instructions will be provided once you have registered (Step 1).

Note: Your ID badge can only be processed after you’ve been registered.

Once given your ID badge, please send your immunization form (available here) to Corporate Health at Failure to electronically send your immunization info may result in termination of access.


Click here to set-up access for the iBEST research space.

Safety Training All new staff and students working in Research at St. Michael’s must undertake some form of safety training. To view the type of training you are required to complete, please see the Education & Training, Biosafety section.

Access Renewal

Step 1: Barcode Form

Fill out Bar Code Identification Form (electronically), noting your name, new end date and Principal Investigator.

Step 2: Email

Send the completed Bar Code Form to Dalbir Singh.

Step 3: Email Confirmation

An email confirmation will be sent, which will include a link to renew access online (this is then sent to managing PI for approval).