LKS-CHART is a service-based research centre, focused on projects with the potential to improve patient outcomes while increasing hospital efficiency

The LKS-CHART collaborates with hospital management, clinicians and researchers. A large proportion of projects we take on come directly from St. Michael's Quality and Performance steering committee or clinical leadership.

Great ideas, however, can come from anywhere! We encourage individuals or groups with ideas to engage with the LKS-CHART by submitting a project proposal. Given our focused approach, we prioritize projects that align with our core mandate of improving patient outcomes and hospital efficiency. Further, we require projects have support and engagement from clinical and hospital leadership to ensure that resultant analyses are ‘actionable’ and will lead to impact. Once a project proposal is approved, however, the LKS-CHART will be engaged to support data analytics needs.

If your projects don’t align with our core mandate, you can still get access to the data! St. Michael's Hospital clinicians and researchers can get direct access to the Enterprise Data Warehouse for research or quality improvement purposes.

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