The LKS-CHART brings together highly trained data scientists in diverse fields such as computer science (machine learning), epidemiology (biostatistics), engineering (operations and simulation modeling), and business (financial analytics) to apply scientifically rigorous methods to generate data-driven insights into ‘real world’ challenges facing clinical leaders and hospital decision makers.

As a service-based centre, we engage clinicians and decision makers from the start, focusing on the questions that matter most to them. Combining proven study templates with standardized data extraction and analysis algorithms, these teams turn around insights within days. The LKS-CHART then works with leaders, managers and implementers to turn these insights into action. We then take the same rigorous approach to evaluating the outcomes of these interventions to ensure they’re making a difference.

Collectively, this broad range of analytical expertise will provide considerable insight into current patterns of management and clinical care, the identification of key drivers of poor and optimal practices, predictive analytics of clinical and financial outcomes, a collaborative approach to solutions generation, a data-driven understanding of the financial and clinical impact of potential solutions, and a reliable platform for measuring the impact of solutions that are ultimately implemented. The insights gained from our collaborative approach to data analytics will help train a new breed of future data scientists in healthcare.