The Centre for Urban Health Solutions Community Program Evaluation Certificate

Course instructors: Dr. Patricia O’Campo and Dr. Suzanne Zerger.

Designed to give community residents and frontline workers beginner-level evaluation experience, this course brings the expertise of our Centre’s faculty, researchers, Knowledge Translation and Survey Research Unit out into the city. Students learn:

  • About different types of evaluation.
  • How to choose the best type of evaluation.
  • How to collect and analyze data.
  • How to share findings.

Find out more about learning approach and curriculum, and read an evaluation of the certificate program here.

The next certificate cohort will begin in February, 2017. The course is open to people who live and/or work in the Regent Park area, and outreach is done through the TD Centre of Learning in Regent Park.

The course is geared towards frontline workers and community residents involved in community development and/or programming. There is no cost, and dinner and child care are provided.

The Centre for Urban Health Solutions community program evaluation school is run in partnership with U of T Innis College and the TD Centre of Learning.

Course team members Ibrahim Afrah and Rebecca Cheff during graduation ceremony, 2016.

Course instructors Patricia O’Campo and Suzanne Zerger during graduation ceremony, 2016.