Flow Cytometry Core – External Customers

For scientists not holding grants with Research at St. Michael’s Hospital and not paying Research Core Facilities fees, we offer a variety of services. This section has information on pricing and how to access flow cytometry and cell sorting resources.

The flow cytometry core facility houses 5 flow cytometers including a cell sorter with a small particle detection unit in a BSL-II hood. These are available to researchers outside Research at St. Michael’s Hospital on a fee-for-service basis. Prior to accessing flow cytometry it is recommended to contact the flow cytometry staff in order to discuss the intended experiment(s) to identify any experimental considerations and which equipment is best suited to your needs.

Following this initial consultation, each researcher typically arranges an orientation and training by the flow cytometry staff, the prices for use and training are located in the Flow Cytometry and Sorting Pricing Brochure. Each lab must fill out an Facilities-External-PI-Registration and either a Facilities-Flow-Sample-Registration or Facilities-Sorting-Sample-Registration. These forms are very simple and are mostly intended to identify any biohazardous risk in the samples being run.

The flow cytometry facility has several analytical software packages, helps with protocol development, experiment design, and data analysis to ensure that your project runs as successfully as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact the Flow Cytometry Specialist  by email should you have any questions.

To view the flow equipment we have available and booking links, visit our equipment page.