Flow Cytometry Core

The flow cytometry core facility provides access to several flow cytometers and a cell sorter available for use by all researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital.

These technologies allow researchers to investigate surface proteins, intracellular proteins, DNA content (cell cycle), cellular proliferation, apoptosis, phagocytosis, microparticle populations, and identification of mixed populations of cells by immunophenotyping (cellular “barcoding”).

Cell sorting further allows you to select specific populations of interest (i.e., GFP positive/negative, a specific cell subset, high or low protein expression, etc.) and sort the cells into tubes for analysis via downstream applications (co-culture, biochemical analysis, etc.). Importantly the flow cytometry core offers training, protocol development, validation, data analysis and consultation services to help support your research project.

Resources for these experiment types are offered below both in terms of background information and general protocols with recommendations.

For scientists not holding grants at the LKSKI that are not paying RCF fees we offer a variety of services. See information on pricing and how to access resources: