Terminations and Leaves

To process a termination or a leave, please follow the processes below:


  1. Complete the chart here when your employee is to be terminated (ie, resignation, end of contract)
  2. Once the chart is completed, Research manager/PI will send it directly to hrcoordinator@unityhealth.to and cc ORAResearch@unityhealth.to
  3. For employee resignations, a notice from employee (via email/letter) confirming their resignation to their supervising manager is required

Maternity/Parental/Personal Leave

  1. Complete the chart here when your staff member is to go on a leave of absence (eg. Maternity)
  2. Once chart is completed, the research manager/Pi’s will email it to ORAResearch@unityhealth.to
  3. The ORA will then submit the request directly to HR adding in info regarding switching over employee to bridging account (if applicable)
  4. Maternity Leave Tips can be found here
  5. Pregnancy/Parental Leaves – further info can be found in policy here
  6. Personal Leaves – further info can be found in policy here
  7. Sick Leaves – further info can be found here and here

Other Leaves

See policy info regarding other leaves below: