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Post Doctoral Fellows are provided with a learning experience in a specific research field, either as part of the individual's continuing education or as a prerequisite to obtaining necessary credentials. The individual must have obtained either a PhD or medical degree within the previous six years in order to qualify as a Post Doctoral Fellow. The post doctoral fellowship provides an important stage in the transition from graduate student to independent scholar. The Post Doctoral Fellow Policy is available on our Corporate Policy and Procedures System (CPPS). (For Internal Use Only).No. St. Michael's is not a degree-granting institution.Yes and no. Post Doctoral Fellows typically receive a salary from St. Michael's Hospital directly. On occasion, the Post Doctoral Fellows' funding may come directly from a granting agency or other source besides St. Michael's.T4YesReview and complete the Engage a New Post-Doctoral Fellow instruction sheet

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For international trainees, student and visitor, Immigration Canada is now requiring a new process for all foreign workers - see our Guide to completing Immigration Canada's offer of employment – Post Doctoral Fellow

If you still have questions about the process for engaging a Post-Doctoral Fellow, contact the Research Employment Coordinator

Amend an Existing Position

Please contact the Research Employment Coordinator to amend an existing Post-Doctoral position.