Data Storage and Analysis Workstations

Data Storage

The KRCBS Bioimaging Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a 60 TB capacity data storage unit that is on a shared network with all of the imaging facility computers, i.e. both acquisition and analysis workstation. The NAS was implemented to facilitate data transfer from acquisition computers (i.e. computers connected to microscopes) to the analysis computer workstations without the need for external hard drives. In addition, both RAW and processed data can be temporarily stored on the NAS for ongoing projects. For guidelines on how to access and use the Bioimaging NAS please refer to the following instructions.

Analysis Workstations

All analysis workstations are available for remote access using TeamViewer. Please see instructions here for remote access. Important reminder: you will still need to book the workstations using RFBMS for remote usage.

Analysis WorkStationRoomFree SoftwareLicensed Software(s)
Ideal For
OSWindows UsernameTeam Viewer ID
Imaris Scene
NIS Elements
Zen 3.2 Lite
xxxxView MSOT
MSOT photoacoustic data: Processing, visualization and analysis
Windows 10Workstation 1 User856083966
xxxTscratchZen Black 2012, Zen Blue 2012
LSM700 data: FRAP and colocalization analysis
Windows 7Workstation 2 User307031234
xxImaris 8.0.2 & 9.6.0, NIS Elements AR, Nikon Batch Deconvolution
Multidimesional data from all confocal systems: Deconvolution, 3D visualization, rendering and analysis, colocalization, particle tracking
Windows 10Workstation 3 User423614944
Meta Imaging Series 7.8

SD/TIRF data: Particle tracking (Meta Imaging Series 7.8)
Newton animal imaging analysis (Kuant)
Windows 10Workstation 4 User480470169
xxQuPathHalo v2.3.2089.23
Slide scanning data: Large 2D data set visualization and analysis
Windows 7 AxioScan User1095965369
Gen 5 3.14Cytation 5 data set processing and analysis.Windows 10
Gen5 WS User
Gen5 WS User165789004